This is a Powerpoint that feels a bit like Jeopardy. It is setup like a game, not a presentation. It’s done and ready to play now! Watch the video for more details.

You can download the Articles of Faith Trivia Game Here.

I’ve used it in primary class and the kids loved it. Keeping score is really easy and you can always re-use the file in the future with your own custom questions. This one is article of faith themed.


HISTORY – Reviews the historical facts surrounding the articles of faith

RECITE – Tests players memorization. (you can be as strict or flexible on this as you want)

MEANING – Lets players explain certain articles of faith.

APPLY– Takes a real-life scenario and allows players to choose which article of faith would help.

TOPIC– Players name the main topic found in an article of faith.

DIFFICULT– Players must recite AND explain certain articles of faith. If this is too hard, you can always customize this category. Change it to “YOU!” were you ask questions about the class members likes/dislikes or get them to guess who the person being described is.

If you want to see all the questions/answers click the download the powerpoint using the link at the top of this post.

This would be awesome for a special sharing time for senior primary (probably not junior, since a lot of reading is involved). Get a projector or tv from the library, hook to your laptop, and it will be a sharing time the kids will never forget. Use the included questions… or fill it with questions about gospel topics or… make a singing-time game. (A question pops up and the answer is one of their practice songs… then the kids sing etc.) Also, the scoring is pretty flexible, so you can always takeaway/add points based on reverence during the game. Or decide to never take away points, but only add points. up to you! Adding points is just a simple click!

This is a guaranteed HOME RUN for any primary, FHE, sharing time, or singing time activity.

It’s so easy! Just 3 steps.

  1. Type in team names

  2. Type in categories (this part is done for you already, but you can add custom questions)

  3. Type in questions/answers (this part is done for you already, but you can add custom questions)

Then hit F5 to play!!

TIP: Make a category about the class members themselves. Call the category. “You!” or “Our Class” etc. Then fill it with questions about class members, or clues of their identity.

Items you will need:


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