No, this is not made out of paper. You got me. But I’ve seen this help out in my primary class, so thought it was inline with the theme of LDS Paper Toys.

Below you will find a CUSTOM VERSION and a PRE-BUILT THEMED version.

I created this PowerPoint years ago, and recently updated for LDS Paper Toys. This game has a strong “jeopardy” feel. I’ve used it in primary class and the kids loved it. I used it to review main points from previous lessons. The kids loved the competition. It was boys VS girls. Keeping score is really easy and once you create your questions, you can always re-use the file in the future. I once made a family-history themed one for the young men’s class. It was a fun way to review indexing rules. Would this work in Elders Quorum class or event? Uh, yes. Also, could be part of a ward social.

This would be awesome for a special sharing time for senior primary (probably not junior, since a lot of reading is involved). Get a projector and it will be a sharing time the kids will never forget. Fill it with questions about gospel topics or… make a singing-time game. (A question pops up and the answer is one of their practice songs… then the kids sing etc.) Also, the scoring is pretty flexible, so you can always takeaway/add points based on reverence during the game. Adding points is just a simple click!

This is a guaranteed HOME RUN for any primary, FHE, sharing time, or singing time activity.

It’s so easy! Just 3 steps.

  1. Type in team names

  2. Type in categories

  3. Type in questions/answers

Then hit F5 to play!!

TIP: Make a category about the class members themselves. Call the category. “You!” or “Our Class” etc. Then fill it with questions about class members, or clues of their identity.


Items you will need:

  • Download the Trivia Game PowerPoint here
  • Of course you’ll need PowerPoint. But everyone has that on their computer. so no biggie!


Here are pre-built games with various themes in-case you don’t want to build on your own. They may not all be listed here. (you can search “game” in the main search to see all of them) But here is at least one pre-built game: Trivia – Articles of Faith

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