About a decade ago, my wife and I had a routine on the weekend. It pretty much went like this:

  • Saturday Night-rent movies from Blockbuster (incase you don’t know, that’s a store made out of brick that rented videos) 🙂  We would watch one or two videos late into the night.
  • Sunday, tired, late to church
  • Sunday afternoon, finish watching the videos

We knew some friends that did not watch TV or movies on the Sabbath. We thought they were kinda extreme and going overboard. Then one day I stumbled on a quote from the “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet. It was stunned. In the “Holy Sabbath” section, it advised against seeking entertainment on Sunday. I knew what that meant. It meant my enjoyment on Sunday was over. But I was wrong.

The Sunday Experiment

My wife and I tried an experiment. We were going to just try it a couple of times–No TV on Sunday. What resulted was amazing. The spirit filled our home. What had happened? All we did was not seek entertainment? That was it? What we did not realize was that the Sabbath instantly filled the space that entertainment had before taken. Suddenly, I had time to go home teaching. Suddenly I WANTED to home teach. My kids only watched church videos and they didn’t complain about it. We had time to read scriptures, prepare FHE lessons for Monday, prepare lessons for church. Church music filled our home. We even played church games like SEEK. (gospel questions) It was great. Our whole family seemed energized. I began to look forward to Sundays and sad when it ended. Each week I had the spiritual energy to face whatever the world was going to throw at me.

Our experiment was over. We did not dare go back to our old ways. In fact, the thought was repulsive. Our house would be a temple to the Sabbath. The thought of destroying that Sabbath temple was quickly dismissed by all.

Sundays Today

Eventually, my wife got into genealogy, my kids learned to read and began reading scriptures on their own, they work on their YW personal progress and YM faith in God. We do lots more too. Anything that we feel is building our relationship with Heavenly Father, we would do. It isn’t just “family time.” The Sabbath is for “spiritual family time.”


Download the Sunday TV PDF here!