If a king from the 17th century traveled to our day, would he still feel that his castle was luxurious? Sure, he was a king… but at the end of the day, he would be stuck in his drafty castle with no wifi, facebook, or iphone. He would have questionable drinking water and an icky bathroom.

Here is my theory:

If an ancient king could appear in your cheap, one-bedroom apartment he would trade you his castle for the apartment. And here’s why. He’d fall in love with toilet paper, television, and the really comfortable bed. He would be most impressed about the magic of air conditioning. A couple days in that cool apartment would make his summer castle feel like a dungeon. He would beg to return to your small apartment, just to sit and not feel hot anymore. In the winter, he would enjoy the comforts of your heating. No work required. No fire to tend. And the heat fills the apartment so quickly that he becomes thirsty for a cold beverage from your magical fridge.

Are you satisfied with your home? At times, do you feel life is too inconvenient? Or are you thankful for what you have?  For centuries peasants have imagined that they were the king or queen, living among royalty in the castle. You are living their dream. You are living above the level of those kings and queens right now.

You may consider yourself “poor”, but are you really? In a land full of kings, everyone feels like peasants… Unless you step back and look at what is around you.

We live in an amazing time! With luxuries never imagined by ancient kings. This doesn’t even count things that are OUTSIDE of your home… like stores, movie theaters, amusement parks, vehicles, and lots lots more.

Be thankful for all your blessings! Thank Heavenly Father for being allowed to live in this amazing time on Earth.

Is there something that you think a king would be impressed with that I missed? Please comment below!

You can download the full-size Castle VS Apartment pdf here.