Would you like to live like a king? For centuries, peasants have wanted to be king, but what if the dream came true? What if all the peasants in the village became a king? Would they be thankful… or would the commonality of kingship simple change their perspective.

In a land of kings, everyone feels like a peasant.

More than likely, if you are reading this you have it better than a 17th century king. You have running water, hot showers, refrigerators, cell phones, and lots lots more.

A great challenge for youth (or adults) is to live like a 17th century king for a day. You can download this live-like-a-king  challenge and print it out. Have the youth fill out the form near the end of their challenge. Maybe this will be a reminder of how good they have it compared to an ancient king. We are so blessed!

This could make a great ending to an FHE lesson. Teach a lesson on being thankful, then issue this challenge. You can review the reports at the next FHE.

CREDIT: This idea was inspired by a suggestion from my Brother, Brian Autry.

Looking for something less intense? There is a similar exercise here, where a kings castle is compared to a modern one-bedroom apartment.