Once I was at a store in Houston Texas, filling my cart with soda and snacks. A guy noticed my cart and said, “Getting ready for the big game?”

Actually, I was getting ready for general conference. Since then, I have realized that the same excitement that others have for football games, my family has for general conference. We mark it on the calendar and grow anxious as the day arrives wondering what will be said, what wisdom will we hear, what inspiration will we receive, what announcement will be made. Kids have fun General Conference notebooks. (fyi, we use these: General Conference Notes ) We buy good things to eat and the only thing we are missing is a giant “General Conference is #1 finger.”

“General Conference is starting in five minutes!” a kid screams throughout the house after watching the countdown tic over the Tabernacle Choir. Everyone races to the television to find their seats.


One of the things the kids like to do is General Conference BINGO. This is great fun for children that are too young to take notes and is helpful for getting the kids to pay attention.

Download Conference BINGO sheets here.


How To Play:

It’s easy! The kids each get a LDS Paper Toys Bingo Sheet. (You can download below).


Whenever a word is mentioned in general conference that matches a word on your sheet of paper, you place one of the bees on the spot. (Before they play, kids can color the bees yellow if they want to) Bees are on page one of the pdf download.


5 in a row wins! There are many different directions and possibilities for the kids to win. Here are some examples:


Remember that the “Free Space” in the center counts as one of the five bees. This is a winner!


10 Different Sets

You’ll find when you download the PDF below, that it includes 10 different sets! That should keep the kids busy.  If you want to keep track of which set you are using, its on the left side of the page.


Note: Instead of using the bees, kids can color in each word they hear. Or, kids can color the sheet for FHE, laminate it, and they can use this game for a long time without having to print additional sheets.


Download Conference BINGO sheets here.

Did you have a positive experience with this BINGO game? Feel free to include in the comments below!