There really is no stand-alone gospel topic. It’s impossible to take a gospel topic and not have others interwoven. That stays true for the Articles of Faith. They are placed in a logical order and are easily overlapped by each other. Here is one example of how they could be connected.

Download Articles of Faith-Connections pdf

In the pdf, their is a summary for each article of faith. The boxes envelop more than one summary. This shows how they are connected. Take a few minutes to look it over and it becomes clear. This would work for any lesson on the articles of faith. It gives a quick, summarized look at each of them while gluing them all together into a unified structure.

You can follow the graph forward or backwards and it still makes sense. Or, pick any item and look at the item before or after to see the connections.

Notice that the first article of faith is dealing with the Godhead. Then number 2 tells us we are punished for sin, number 3 reveals how we can be clean from that sin through Jesus Christ. If we wanted to follow Jesus Christ, what would be the next step? Baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost, of course.(#4). It goes on and on like that. Also, if you really want it written out, you might be interested in this other post: “Paragraph of Faith”