I’m sure you’ve always wondered what would happen if you took all 13 articles of faith and smashed them together [in order] into one paragraph? Well… okay, maybe you haven’t. But just so you know, the result is “The Paragraph of Faith”. DOWNLOAD HERE

Suggested Uses:

Hand out copies of the paragraph to youth, seminary class, or adults…

  • Hide the title. (Or even show the title to make it a bit easier.) Have them try to figure out what the paragraph is. Eventually the smart ones will realize its all 13 articles of faith in order!
  •  Tell them that the 13 articles of faith are inside the paragraph and they need to circle and label each article of faith. Eventually they will realize they are all in order, but this would strengthen their appreciation for the comprehensive nature of the articles of faith.
  • Discuss with the class why the order even matters. Why is the Godhead mentioned in article of faith #1? Why Adam in #2? If they pay attention, they will see that they are intentionally in that order. Show how each article of faith builds a foundation for the next one and the next. Explain that the gospel is simple and yet each piece fits together in the entire plan. There is no gospel principle that it is not connected to another.
  • Cut the border of the paragraph and it fits perfectly in an 8×10 frame.


If you prefer something like this, but more visual, take a look at this Article of Faith Connections graphic.