These make great handouts for a goal-setting class. Having goals is one of the most important things in life. In fact, if you are currently NOT setting goals your going to blink and years will fly by. Always have at least one written goal at all times. That is for the rest of your life. Yes–It’s that important.

What’s so great about goals?

The great thing about goals is that they are exciting mini-quests. Goal after goal you continue your adventure. One day you look back and realize that you have formed a habit, learned a skill, or accomplished something really cool. You no longer need a goal related to that item, because its a part of you. But your journey isn’t over. You set newer more exciting goals! You keep growing and changing!

Bad Goals

The business world has made attempts at goal setting mnemonics and have come up short. They scratch their heads and can’t figure out why their goal programs aren’t more effective. One reason they fail: They take something beautiful and awesome like goal setting and turn it into something ugly that resembles a quota. Others do okay, but still feel they aren’t quite getting there.


DREAM Goals is the best way that I have found to set goals. Check them out below. It’s simple, easy, and could change your life. Below the list you can download the flowchart and DREAM goal descriptions.


There should be an official starting time and ending time for the goal. If the time frame is missing, then your goal could go on forever or never actually begin at all. A deadline allows you to frame your goal into a small bite-sized chunk.


Your goal should be printed or written on paper and then put in a place that you see every day. Writing down your goal is very important–it’s powerful. Goals that are not written down are merely idle wishes.


Your goal should get you excited. Maybe it’s such a challenging goal that you that you’re excited about how it will feel when you’re victorious. maybe you are looking forward to what you’ll learn and experience. If you aren’t interested in your goal, get a new goal.


Impossible goals are a waste of time. Goals that are challenging are great, but they must be possible. If you get to the end of a goal and couldn’t do it, no big deal–Set a new goal that is a bit more attainable.


When the deadline arrives, you want to be able to answer the questions, “Did I accomplish the goal?” If you aren’t sure, it probably means your goal isn’t easy to measure. Using numbers in your goal tends to help with this. Instead of “Try to get to work early,” you would write, “I will arrive at work before 6:00 am , every day this week.”


Goals Never End

Always remember that goals never end. You can change your goal, make it easier, make it harder, go a completely different direction with it, but you must never stop setting goals.



These make great handouts for a goal-setting class. Download the DREAM Goals flowchart, explanation, and blank goal sheet. Dream Goals