In October of 2019, Lindsey from Hawaii made this comment:

“Thank you so much for making these available to us! So excited to have found your website and to be able make all of your 3D temples!!! I’m from Hawaii and this year our Laie Hawaii Temple is celebrating 100 years. If you’re thinking about creating more 3D temples, can I please ask for you to consider our Laie Hawaii Temple? It would make it so special if my family/ primary class could make a 3D of our temple on this special occasion.

So, I made two Laie Hawaii temples. A small one for young primary children and a larger one more to scale. For the larger one, click here. For the smaller one, you are in the right place.

Near the bottom of this page you’ll find a “quick view” video to see the final product and a fast-forward of the construction.

For this project you will need: