This is an Attention Activity that teaches children that righteously sharing resources helps everyone. This works well for a primary class, home teaching visit or FHE lesson dealing with the Law of Consecration or sharing.

CREDIT: This concept is based on a suggestion made in the Primary 5 manual here:

Items you will need:

GAME: “I Don’t Need It – Would You Like It?”


Cut out the 5 items, fold, and place in a container so the children won’t know what is written on each piece of paper. Also, cut out each “supply list”. Give to a list to each child and have them write their name on it.

IMPORTANT TIP: This activity could take awhile if you start out with no checks. Before handing out supply lists, you might want to randomly check off more than half of each child’s list. (Make each different)


A child selects a folded paper from a container. They open the paper and read it. If they needed the item, they check it off the list. If it’s already checked, they look to the person on their right and say, “I don’t need it, would you like it?”  Child keeps asking each person until child finds someone who needs it. Then the next child chooses a paper and does the same thing. This continues until all children have all supplies.

Teach the children that sharing resources helps everyone! Some examples of sharing resources includes the Bishop Storehouse and all the humanitarian work the LDS Church does around the world.