A – Acknowledge

To begin the repentance process, we must first realize that what we did was wrong and feel sorry that we did something that Heavenly Father does not approve of.

B – Beg for forgiveness

We need to ask forgiveness anyone we have wronged and especially ask forgiveness from Heavenly Father.

C – Correct any problem your actions may have caused

It is common that our sin may have caused some damage that needs repaired. For example, a stolen item needs to be paid for or someone with hurt feelings may need a hug.

D – Don’t do it again!

Arguable the most important step is don’t do it again. If you can learn to never repeat your sins than you are far ahead of most of us!



Click on the link below to download. It comes with:

ABC repentance handouts

Use these to show an example of how repetnace works. Children can keep it in their pocket or hang it up at home.

ABC repentance BLANK handouts

Give the children an example and have them figure out and write the real steps of repentance for that scenario.

ABC repentance Bookmarks

Fun bookmarks that children can use as a reminder. Laminate them to make them last a long time.

Download Handouts and Bookmarks here