Use this as an activity at the end of a lesson about Jesus Christ. Teach about the mission of the Savior and then at the end, hand this printout to them. My brother Darrell had the idea of putting step by step instructions on the paper itself for folding origami. So I use his idea here and with each fold a new step is revealed. Kids will love following each step as they carefully make each fold themselves. Eventually, it will turn into a cup that reminds them that Jesus is the source of all life. He is living water!

Print it out at home and let the kids build their cups for Family Home Evening. When the kids want a night time drink, it will serve as a reminder that the water we drink will still leave us thirsting again. But the water Jesus offers will make it where we never thirst. Jesus offers us Eternal Life with God!

Also makes a great sharing time or home teaching activity. Hand it to the kids and see if they can figure out the steps on their own. As they follow each step, they build a container that can hold water. If they follow the instructions correctly they can partake of the water, just as we can partake of living waters if we follow the commandments of the Savior. We follow line upon line precept upon precept.

Download the PDF : paper-cup-living-waters

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